Monday, January 10, 2011

January 2011

Happy New Year!!!
We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the lovely gifts we received.
As we all know children enjoy a regular routine. We appreciate January because it’s typically a quiet month as students readjust getting back into a school routine.
In January we’ll learn about:
·         Asia
·         Landforms
·         Hibernating Animals
·         Amphibians
Winter Outer Wear
Winter weather is here.   We do go out everyday unless the weather is too wet or too cold. By too cold we mean when the temperature, including the chill factor, goes below 20 degrees. Therefore, children need to be dressed appropriately. Remember that handling hats, gloves, mittens, boots, coats, and scarves is part of your child’s Practical Life training at the Primary level. We will help your child learn to handle the extra clothing. If the weather is wet or there is snow on the ground, all children need to wear boots to school. It is not good for children’s feet to wear boots all day and our classroom floors don’t need the mess, so all children need a pair of shoes or slippers to wear in the classroom.  (Kindergarten and Full Day Fours need a pair of athletic shoes for P.E.  Slippers are too slippery on the gym floor.)   You may choose to have your child keep their shoes or slippers in their cubby at school or they can carry them back and forth in their bag
Dates to Remember:
Fri, Jan 14th- No School
Mon, Jan 17th- MLK day- No school

Out of the Mouths….
New Year Resolutions
“What would you like to do in the New Year?”
Elena- Be nice to my brother
Linus-Care for my brother
Gabriella- Work hard
Jhaycob- Be nice to everybody
Scarlet-Work hard
Allison- Share with my friends
Campbell-Be nice to my sister
Grady- Do the laundry every ten days all by myself
Kiran-Help my mom and dad
Drew- Never lie
George- Be good to my parents
Max- Get math and language done everyday
Nicholas-Listen to my parents
Noah-Don’t eat too much candy
Sam-Eat whatever my family eats
Sachin-Eat more vegetables
Isabella-Eat more carrots
Wyatt-Don’t eat lots of sugar

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