Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 2014 Newsletter

What a wonderfully, busy month September has been.   Everyone has settled nicely into our school routines.       
In the classroom we have been working very hard in the Practical Life area and have perfected many basic motor skills.  Among them are hand washing, floor sweeping, window washing, and polishing.   In the Math and Language areas we have completed all the beginning of the year assessments and are just focusing on our individual number works and on learning the sounds that correspond to the letters and using these to build and read words.   In the cultural area we have been discussing the seasons and have set up a nature tray where children are encouraged to bring nature items including signs of fall.   So many wonderful things to experience and discover at this age!

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher conferences are set for the third week of November. I will send the link to sign up for conferences soon
I will also have a signup sheet on the clipboard at drop off and pick up,  to schedule observations, so you can come in to observe your child in the classroom before conferences,

In class we have been talking about:
Living/Non Living

Fall Trees- using torn paper

We focused on two authors last month, Eric Carle and Kevin Henkes.

Apples Unit
We are getting ready to begin a new and exciting unit on Johnny Appleseed/Apples, and we need your help! We have a lot of fun and educational activities planned to teach us everything from graphing, patterns, measurement and cooking applesauce.
In order to do all this we will need lots of apples! We are requesting that each student bring in at least one apple of any kind by Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014
We are looking for a variety of types of apples for our various projects, so we’ll take anything we can get.

Label EVERYTHING!   Please be sure to label every item that goes to school with your child or risk losing it into the black hole of lost items!

Cooler Weather:
As the weather starts changing, it would be a great time to check your child’s bag of extra clothes to be sure that their clothes are weather appropriate!  Please also make sure that your child has outerwear appropriate to the weather
Talking to your child about school
Some great opener questions to start a conversation about school with your child might be:
  • What work did you like the best today?
  • Did you work with anyone?
  • Do you remember any songs you sang today?
  • Did you do a sorting work?
  • Did you do a pouring work?
  • Did you do a number work?
  • Did you do some art work?
  • Did you do a matching work?
  • Did you do an animal work?
Thank You’s
Andrea’s (Madeline’s mom) for taking care of our laundry (towels and nap sheets) every week and also helping out in the lunchroom and recess
Amy and Scott (Dylan’s parents), Kebbie (Zach’s mom),  Laura ( Maddox’s Grandma), Brooke (Josiah’s mom),  Margaret and Kiowa (Lucy Anne’s parents),  Noah and Diana (Tesla’s parents) for coming in to listen to our students read.
Monique (Clio’s mom) for bringing in wonderful books from the library to support our curriculum.
 “What do you like about Fall?” when asked of our students-
 Maya- The leaves changing color
Claire-Falling leaves going down to the ground
Mia- I like when the leaves fall down
Tesla- I like the rainbows
Vivienne-I like watching leaves turn different colors
 Lila- When my mom rakes up the leaves
Monroe- crunching the leaves
Christopher-I like picking the leaves
Hunter-I like to see the leaves on the tree
Maddox- I like to see the floating leaves
Liam-I like running into the leaf pile
Zach, Mateo, Adelaide, Esther, Chase, Josiah, Madeline, Alice, Clio, Marley, Dylan, and Marnee - I like jumping in the leaves

Happy Fall!!!!

Ms. Sheela, Ms. Kelly and Ms. Paula

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