Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lincoln Elementary Montessori
Primary Class, #002
September 5, 2011

The school year begins with simply following the routine of the school day at a pace that allows each student to take in the new experiences. There are classmates and teachers to get to know, routines to figure out (e.g., sitting on the green line, singing songs, waiting for a turn), lockers to find, and new activities to discover and even the younger students soon enjoy the routine. The simple consistency builds their confidence and independence. This is what Dr. Montessori referred to as "normalization" - the transition of the child into the responsibility, productivity and joy of the school day.


Friday, Sept 16th- No School
Monday, Sept 19th – No School
Tuesday, Sept 20th, will be a no school day for all Montessori Preschool children.    .

**Water Bottles
We would like all children to bring a water bottle to school on Mondays to use in the classroom during the week.   We will send water bottles home on Fridays to be washed and returned on the following Monday.   This is especially important during this hot, end of summer days.   We are trying to cut down on the paper cup waste we have.   Water in paper cups will still be served when your child is having snack.   The rest of the day, their water bottles will always be available to them.

**Arrival and Dismissal
Arrival and dismissal are going very well.   Thank you for your patience and support as we help our little ones adjust to the routines. 

**ECE Forms/Classroom Funds
Our three and four year old children must turn in all paperwork ASAP.   Our program is licensed by the state and it is a state regulation that we have this paperwork in your child’s file.   If you are missing any forms we will be contacting you at arrival/dismissal times.
Also, don’t forget that we ask parents of Kindergarten children to contribute $35.00 and parents of Preschool children to contribute $25.00 to the classroom fund for consumables and supplies.   If you haven’t sent this in yet please do so.

**Scholastic Books
We will be sending Scholastic book orders home with your child monthly.   Scholastic Books offers quality paperbacks at reasonable prices.   We enjoy the added plus that Scholastic offers bonus points with your orders to obtain books and materials free for the classroom.    
Thank you so much for all the book orders for this month, your books should be here in a couple of weeks.

**What is Show and Tell? For New Parents
Show and Tell is an oral language experience designed to give the children an opportunity to talk about an object they bring from home and to answer questions the other children ask. The children sign in on the Show and Tell book as they arrive in the classroom.  We will again be using the alphabet sounds to guide your child’s choice of items.   Show and Tell will officially begin on Tuesday, September 6th.   The sound for the first week is ‘a’ as in apple.   The sound for each week will be posted on our bulletin board.   We ask that you help your child choose an item that begins with the sound of the week.   Also, help your child think of clues such as what color the object is, or what the item is used for, as your child will keep their item hidden and give these clues to the children at Show and Tell.   The other children will then guess what the item is.  These items will be available to take home from the basket at dismissal.   If you have any questions, just give me a call or email me.
Thank you for your support as we begin this school year.   Please feel free to contact me at school anytime you have questions or concerns.   Dismissal times are good times to catch me or you can call and leave a message at school for me to call you.   The school’s number is (720)424-5990, and my email is
We are looking forward to a fantastic year!  Thank you again for your patience, help, and your understanding these first few weeks.

Ms. Sheela, Ms. Kelly, and Ms. Mei-Lan

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