Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Newsletter

Ms. Sheela’s Classroom
                                                                          October Newsletter

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are set for the third and fourth week of October. I will send the link to sign up for conferences by tomorrow.

I will also have a signup sheet on the clipboard at drop off and pick up, if you would like to come in to observe your child in the classroom before conferences,

 In class we have been talking about:



Living/Non Living

Continents and Oceans

Work Period in a Montessori Classroom

 In Montessori schools the activities are called "work" so that children will associate positive feelings with the term which will hopefully carry over into their adult lives. During the work period the children are free to choose anything they have had a lesson on. Teachers give new lessons, assist and observe. By now each child has had lessons in every area of the classroom. They are encouraged to practice each skill again and again as teachers look for areas of special developmental interest for each child. Much of the work period up to this point has been spent remembering to put work away, push in chairs, use "inside" voices and feet, use "careful" hands, use words rather than hands when a problem arises with another person, and respect the work of others.

Circle Time

We finish each class with a "circle" lesson including songs, calendar, and weather and sharing (the opportunity for each child to have a turn to talk). At circle time we usually read a story, sing songs or play a game. The first weeks of class were spent focusing on routines, rules, good manners and the concept of "community”.

Picture Day

Friday, Oct 5 at 10:10 am

Montessori Services Fundraiser

We are going to participate in the Montessori Services Holiday Fundraiser again this year.   Montessori Services is a material supplier to Montessori families and classrooms.   The fundraiser will begin soon.   Depending on our total order, the participating classrooms will receive between 10% and 15% to spend on materials for their classrooms.   I will also be posting wish lists, if parents would like to purchase materials for their child’s classroom.   The Montessori Catalogs will be sent in this Thursday’s folder.

Thank You’s

Bella (Nika’s mom) and Kebbie ( Zach’s mom) for taking care of our laundry(towels and nap sheets)every week.

 Crissy, Alicia, Kebbie, Joe, Lisa and Nathan for coming in to listen to our students read.

 What do you like about Fall?”, when asked of our students-

Nika-color of the leaves

Cameron-Jumping in the leaves

Adrian-Jumping in the leaves


Jack-Burying myself in the leaves

Sydney-Jumping in the leaves

Teagan-when the leaves fall

Zach-Jumping in the leaves and Halloween


Clio-Jumping in the leaves

Madeline-when leaves fall

Spencer-Jumping in the leaves


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