Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week of Oct 21-25, 2013

Week of Oct 21-25, 2013
·         Thanks to all the parents for attending Parent-Teacher Conferences. It was a pleasure to meet with you and share your child's progress.
·         A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who ordered from the Small Hands Montessori catalog. Your orders will be arriving before the holidays. We’ll keep you posted.
A Peek at our Week
·         Pumpkin Scrubbing
·         Apple estimation- the children had to guess the number of apples, we had about 50 apples
·         Apple Tasting- we tasted Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious apples
·         Favorite Apple Graph- the Red Delicious apples were by far the most favorite apples and won by 13 votes.
·         Johnny Appleseed
·         Lifecycle of an apple
·         Parts of an apple
·         Bats
·         Parts of a Skeleton
Knock, Knock
Trick or Treat
Who are you?
I am a cowboy, I am a little cowboy
Knock, Knock
Trick or Treat
Who are you?
I am a cowboy, I am a little cowboy
(Then the children act out the part)
Repeat chorus
(Ghost, Pirate, Monster, Ballerina)
Sound of the week
‘h’- Honey the horse( Slap both sides of your thighs, suggesting a horse galloping. Say the letter sound ‘h’.
  • Halloween will be a fun-filled day in our room. We will celebrate Halloween with fun themed centers and have a special snack at Circle Time. Please remember no costumes at school.
  • No school on Nov 4th for 3 and 4 year olds, as all of the ECE team will be at a CPR/First Aid Training. The kindergartners will work in Ms. Therese’s room and we will have two subs for that day. Please drop off and pick your child through Ms. Therese’s door on that day.
Parent Resources
Here the link to the newsletter, if you would like to see pictures of children working in the classroom, I am unable to post pictures and send it through emails.  - Use this site to practice letter recognition, letter sounds, rhyming words, word families, and many more literacy concepts.
Happy Halloween!!!

Apple Counting

Apple Sorting
How many apples long?
Brown Stairs and Knobless Cylinders

Creative exploration with the Triangle Box

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