Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week of Nov 13th to Nov 15th, 2013

 Parents, please note if you plan to join your child for the Thanksgiving luncheon on Thursday, Nov 21st, full day students will be in the lunchroom at 10:55 am, so you can meet your child in the lunchroom. If your child is a half day student (3 year olds), please pick them from the classroom sign them out and then proceed to the lunchroom.

We have been learning to say hello in many different languages, Jambo in Swahili, Bonjour in French, Hola in Spanish, ask your child in what languages they can say hello.

Large Movement in the classroom-

 Turkey Pokey

(Hokey Pokey)

You put your right wing in

you put your right wing out

You put your right wing in

And you shake it all about.

You do the turkey pokey

And you turn yourself around.

That's what it's all about.

Add'l verses:

Left wing

Drumsticks (legs)

Stuffing (tummy)

Wattle (head)

Tail feathers (bottom)

Turkey body (whole self)


Sound for Next Week-
k- Kayo the Kangaroo

Make two fists and give a kick with one leg, and say the letter sound ’k’.


Soup ingredients needed by Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

Thursday, Nov 21st - Thanksgiving Luncheon

Nov 25- 29th-Thanksgiving Break


Classroom Pet Sitting and Rugs Washing- Please let me know if anybody is interested in taking care of our classroom fish and if anybody is willing to take the classroom rugs home to launder during Thanksgiving Break.

 A Big Thanks to all the parents who bought materials for our classrooms through the Small Hands Catalog, they are truly appreciated.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!



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