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Week of Nov 18th to Dec 6th, 2013

·         We studied the Pilgrims, the Mayflower and the Native Americans in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and discussed how the Pilgrims were grateful for the help of the Native Americans and reflected on the things that we are grateful for. We also discussed the meaning of the “First Thanksgiving”. We wrapped up our study of Thanksgiving with “Stone Soup".  Thank you to all our families who brought an ingredient for the soup. We read a couple of versions of the story “Stone Soup”. The story taught the students the important lesson about giving and sharing

·         I think all the students were excited to come back to school on Monday after the week long break with many so new works to explore.

·         We started this week by learning about Hanukkah and we will discuss Christmas and Kwanzaa in the coming weeks. The children have enjoyed playing, the Dreidel game and adding a candle to the ‘menorah work’.

·         We also discussed how animals adapt in the winter and have learned about migration and hibernation.

·         Food prep is a great practical life activity in a Montessori classroom. The children learn self-care as they wash their hands. They develop independence and improve fine motor skills as they prepare the food. They practice grace and courtesy as they offer the food to share with their friends. The new food prep work in the classroom is Rice Cracker spreading with Apple Butter.



As we head into December the weather is getting colder!  Please dress your child WARM for the freezing outside temperatures.  We do go outside for fresh air even when it is very cold unless it is freezing. We want to keep your children warm and healthy so please have the following items at school for your child every day:

****-thick, warm coat (no thin windbreakers)
****-light sweater for layering
****-boots and  warm socks
****-hood or warm hat
****-warm gloves or mittens
****-extra clothes in cubby appropriate for the weather

Remember that handling hats, gloves, mittens, boots, coats, and scarves is part of your child’s Practical Life training at the Primary level.   We will help your child learn to handle the extra clothing.   If the weather is wet or there is snow on the ground, all children need to wear boots to school.   It is not good for children’s feet to wear boots all day and our classroom floors don’t need the mess, so all children need a pair of shoes to wear in the classroom.  (Kindergarten and Full Day Fours especially need a pair of athletic shoes for P.E. )   You may choose to have your child keep their shoes in their cubby at school or they can carry them back and forth in their bag.


It’s important that a child’s clothes be accessible as well as have a loose, comfortable fit (and of course, the outfit has to be cute!). The clothing should be easy to button, snap, or buckle without the aid of an adult.

In the Montessori classroom, every activity is designed to inculcate a sense of independence and this extends to the clothes a child wears. We want our students to wear a coat freely and remove clothing for the restroom without help. This develops confidence and a positive self-image.

In school, we have special activities in our Practical Life area that instruct a child how to function independently when eating, cleaning, and dressing. One special material is the Dressing Frame – a series of wooden frames with cloth that are attached with different fasteners, such as buttons, laces, and buckles. In addition to the practical application of these materials, a child also learns concentration, focus, and self-discipline when using the frames.


 Winter Vocal Concert

Only Kindergarten and Full Day students will be participating in Dr. Brown’s Winter Vocal Concert on Tuesday, December 17 at 6:00PM.  Our half-day students will participate in the spring concert.   All are welcome to attend.  



Sound for this week


“m- Missy the mouse”


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