Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week of Jan 13th to Jan 17th 2014

January is always a wonderful time in the classroom. The children are eager to explore all the possibilities after a long winter rest, free from the distractions the holidays always bring. This is a time for amazing learning and we love watching it all come together!

It’s hard to believe that we are already almost through January.  Our continent study was Antarctica. We learned where it was located and what kinds of animals lived there. That led us to the study of Penguins. We discussed the different kinds of penguins, Parts of a Penguin and read books about Penguins.

During this week we discussed the life of Dr. Martin Luther King and his many accomplishments. We read ‘Happy Birthday Martin Luther King’ by Jean Marzallo. We also talked about ‘what is peace?’ and how children could be peaceful.

Chinese New Year

On Monday, February 3rd, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year with our annual dragon parade! During this week we will study Chinese culture as we discuss and study China and create our Chinese Dragon. We encourage any of our students who have a traditional Chinese outfit to please wear it on Feb 3rd, if not wear something red, as red is considered a lucky color.

Our Chinese New Year Parade will be celebrated on Monday, Feb 3rd at 11:00 a.m, please join us to see the Parade.
Just a Reminder

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, although those adorable cards and candies are tempting, we ask that you do not send them to school.  Candy and cards for each classmate can get out of hand so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation!

 Valentine’s Day

We would like to repeat what we did for Valentine’s Day last year. We will have the children make one valentine card in class to exchange at school on Valentine’s Day. We will put all the children’s names in a basket. Each child will choose a name of a classmate and give their valentine card to that child. We will use this as an opportunity to practice our manners. We will have a treat to share at group time. Anyone interested in providing this treat (strawberries or apples?), please let me know.

When asked to the children,’ What is Peace?’,

Dylan- doing work


Marnee- Being nice to each other

Madeline- to not fight

Alice-not to go to the Peace Table

Sydney-Being calm, kind and nice

Cameron-Being quiet

Nika- Be kind and caring

Lily-Being nice too each other

Tesla-Being quiet

Miles-Making friends and playing with them

Spencer-Not being mean o my sister and brother

LucyAnne-Focus on your work

Alex-use peaceful ways to solve the problem

Mazie-not to hurt other people

Zach- Be safe

Mia- not hurt people

Giuliana-Be safe

Josiah-not use hands to hurt


Madeline table washing, helps in developing concentration and finishing a cycle of work

Mia and Alice enjoying Green Tea

 Mazie working on the Color Tablets and grading them from Darkest to Lightest

Mateo, Pin Punching on the dots helps with strengthing the fine motor muscles and helps in develping the pincer grip

Our three volunteers Dylan, Josiah and Giuliana busy doing the dishes after our Stone Soup feast.

Lily and Jack created a Christmas Tree with the Red Rods and Knobless Cylinders.

Monroe busy at the easel.

Zach and Dylan applying butter on the bread for the Stone Soup feast.

I am Thankful for............

Marley, working with the Brown Stairs  and Pink Cubes and learning about Patterning and Comparing.

Marnee, working with dry exploration materials and sorting.

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