Monday, September 5, 2016

September newsletter

Dear Parents,
And we are off!! We had a wonderful 2 weeks, the new children are getting acclimated to the classroom and learning the basics of how to interact in a Montessori environment. The new students are understanding that each work has a lesson, how to choose works they have been given a lesson on, how to carry their work to a table or get a work rug for a floor work. They have been learning how to tuck and untuck their chairs when sitting up or getting up from their table, how to unroll and roll a work rug and how to put the work back in the place where they got it from. The older students have been great examples for the new students and enjoying the responsibility in assisting the younger ones.
We have begun the year with study of the World Map, the concept of continents, and creating a flat map from a spherical globe. September will also include understanding the difference between living and non-living and plant and animal, vertebrates and invertebrates. The Kindergartners have also been introduced to the artist Henry Matisse and inspired to make Self-Portraits.
We sing a song with the children at this time each year called “At the Beginning.”
“At the beginning is a good place to be.
What will each day bring for you and me?
New life, new friends, new things to do.
At the beginning is a good place to be.”

Scholastic orders are due this Friday, Sept 9th, 2016.
No school for 3 and 4 year olds on Monday, Sept 19, 2016.
Messages for me:
If you are picking your child early or they are being picked up by somebody else, or if there is anything you need me to know, please write a note and give it to Ms. Paula/Ms. Danielle or email me, instead of telling them about it at drop off. It is hard for them to remember and pass the message to me.
Conversation Starters:
Here are some ideas to get a conversation started with your child about their day:
What work did you do today at school? What was your favorite part of the day? Did you do any work on the carpet side? Did you do any work in the Practical Life area? What did you do at recess? What songs did you sing at Line/Circle Time?

Have a wonderful September!!

Ms. Sheela, Ms. Paula and Ms. Danielle

Pink Tower Exploration

 Pink Tower and Brown Stairs extension

 Cleaning the Easel

 6 Long Chain 

 Painting with watercolors

 Boat Pose

 Metal Insets

 Opening and Closing

 Sink and Float

 Matching shapes

 Building words with the Movable Alphabet

 Tonging red and green apples

 Movable Alphabet

 Easel Painting

 Cylinder Blocks


Practicing writing numerals on the chalkboard

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  1. Dear Ms. Sheela,

    As a prospective parent I really appreciate the cultural awareness and constant updates you post on what the children are learning in your classroom. Thank you so much for your work!

    Violet Breeden